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before i sleep...

hm, well, felt like ranting a little about my dad and family. had a minor argument with him over petty things today. we've been arguing a lot lately. i think me and my dad have nothing in common whatsoever. we always have miscommunications and we usually argue about random things that gets on our nerves. you can say we don't understand each other at all. it wasn't so apparent but since he and i have been home together a lot this summer, it's been showing up more lately. actually, none of my family or relatives understand me that well. they tend to have this rather stupid view of me. i'm usually annoyed when people view others in a 2 dimensional way. that's how they view me. they think i can only do one thing or i'm only interested in one thing. i never view others in that way so that bugs me. anyways, it all sucks. perception is definitely something that can't be changed so easily.

okay, off to bed...

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