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Okay, I got my Lulu figure a few days ago. She's gorgeous~ Nice and busty. =P~ Also got 4 outta the 6 MGS2 figures. Waiting for the rest. Once I get all the figures, I can also complete Metal Gear Ray which is shipped in individual pieces with each figure. Smart marketing move by Mcfarlane toys...hehe.

It's been hot for the past few days and I HATE it. It's been only 80+ degree F so I can't imagine what it's like to be living in Malaysia or Australia. Rose and Jules said it gets hotter there. I hate being hot. I hate summer.

I was also watching the news and Bush finally announced his MidEast plan but I think none of the Arabs will listen to it. Like Arafat will ever leave that friggin throne of his. Fuck the suicide bombers and their families. Crazy ass people. It's counter-productive...
Blah blah blah...

If anyone plays Medal of Honor or Jedi Knight 2 on Gamespy, please msg me so we can play online together. It's fun.

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