LiK (lik) wrote,

game semi-review

playing batman: rise of sin tzu. it's a straight beat-em up like tmnt and final fight. i think its fun but quite hard. even on easy mode. it's better played with 2 players. the main reason is that the timer runs out real quick and the thugs dont die easily. when you play normal or hard, it takes forever to take out some of the baddies. maybe they should've balanced out the game's timer to suit one and two players mode. boss fights were fun and there are some good extras. i do wish the game had more diverse stuff to do other than fighting endless amounts of no name thugs. sin tzu is a lame villain. stupid chinese/asian stereotypes. yin yang symbol, long braid, lame phrases like "the west falls to the east". shame on jim lee since he's korean. he should know better with his designs. the guy looks like he was from a bad wong fei hung movie. like i said, lame character. pity.

the snes batman and robin animated series game is still the best batman game ever made. if you never played it, check it out. konami did it right the first time. ubisoft said their game was the first time scarecrow and clayface appeared in a video game. bzzzt, wrong, they appeared in konami's game first. false advertising, dont we love it?

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