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Woot! I finally got all the MGS2 action figures and some of the trading figures. Metal Gear Ray has been completed. The trading figures I ordered were completely random so I bit my lips and ordered 10 of them. I got ALL the silver-painted ones plus 2 colored ones which were Raiden (yay!) and Otacon (boo!). I was floored because I didn't get a single duplicate and I got the enire collection of the silver-painted ones which was a bonus (they still look black to me). They are excellent. The sculpt is incredibly detailed and they all look really nice. The plastic is sturdy and quite heavy which means they're not cheap hollow plastic figures. I'm happy but I wish I had more of the full-colored ones. I'll probably consider buying a few more just to see my chances. ^^

Btw, trading figures are like trading cards, they're packaged randomly so you won't know which figure you're getting.

A few pics for you guys to see what I mean:

Raiden OMG, he looks so fucking badass!
Silver-painted versions I can't believe I have all of them! =)
Metal Gear Rays with Otacon The completed action figure and the kewl silver-painted trading figure.
Jin-Roh Just wanted to plug this because he looks so kewl too. =P

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