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Around noon

Well, it's actually around 1pm but I felt like writing in. Just finished playing a few good 3v3 games with my friend Wai and his friend in Brood War. We kicked ass. Anyways, good news. My sis finally agreed to buy a new hard drive for my old comp. Since its her comp now, she needs to take care of it. The hd's been wonky lately and it's been louder and slower for the past few weeks. I fear the hd is gonna die soon and she'll lose all her stuff. Judging from her lack of comp knowledge, I had to take the initiative before it really dies on her. YES, I'm a good bro...LoL. So I guess that'll be taken care of this week.

I'll finish uploading Chobits 12 to Jon's server. I'm going to be getting episode 13 from my friend soon but I guess I'll finish downloading Minority Report and MiB2 from him first. LoL. Connections baby! ^_~

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