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Well, it finally cooled down. It was so hot last week and now it's like spring! I spent the last two days with my folks yanking out the carpeting and ripping the leftover wood and staples in the floor. We had to move all of the furniture outta the living room in order to do this. Afterwards, we went to Home Depot and bought the wood planks and paint and some other things needed for the installation. My folks are glad I was there because I had to carry all the wooden planks onto the carts and they were heavy as hell.

My folks spent some time to repaint the walls yesterday and I spent some time to install the new hard drives that came in. The 120 gig works but it shows I have 110 free space which is weird. I partitioned them to be 55 gigs each. One problem I had was my Dell came with a zip drive and I didn't have the much needed length of the other IDE cable to connect the zip drive. So right now I sacrificed the use of my zip for the hard drive. I'll have to buy a longer IDE cable probably but I rarely use the zip drive now. It was useful for school. I also installed the 40 gig drive as a master into my sister's comp. But the fact that I had forgotten to scandisk and defrag the original drive made for some errors on the new drive everytime I wanted to defrag that one. It kept deleting some file which kept Windows from booting up. SO I'm scandisking the original drive right now. Once the defrag is complete on that I'm going recopy the image of the hard drive onto the new drive again. A few more hours of fun...but hopefully it'll fix that problem because the old drive is really slow.

I think my folks will start installing the wood planks today so I'm gonna be busy again. I can't wait to get it done and see what it looks like when we move all the furniture back in.

Hey Phil, because of this, I can't CG your pic until later this week. But if you need to put it up earlier, then feel free to do so.

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