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hmm, was cleaning my room and i came across my photo album with people i used to hang out with. i had forgotten how many people i used to hang out with. of course, most of them were cute girls. :) anyways, a lot of memories flooded back in. some were good, some were bad but most were interesting bits of my life back when we were care free and we walked around the malls aimlessly. those were the days. it's amazing how long i haven't contacted these people. i still see some online once in a while but i haven't chatted with them in years. i wonder what they're doing now? and i wonder if they still look the same? i've chatted with a few people i haven't talked to in years recently but there's still a a lot of people i haven't talked to in some time.

it was interesting hanging out with a bunch of different groups of people. they opened my mind to a lot of things and helped me become a better person and helped me learn to have fun. i need to kick myself in the ass for not staying in touch with them. i'm such a jerk sometimes. but it's also cuz i've become so anti-social these past few years. it's the same way with some online buddies of mine. i haven't been interested in chatting for a while now. maybe i need to get off my lazy ass and start contacting people. if they don't wanna deal with me then that's fine. i'm not asking them to be nice to me after i abandoned them so many years ago.

but i would like to know what they're up to these days.

hey rin, i forgot you sent me a photo of yourself. you look so young here now that i compared it to your recent webcam pics. ;P

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