LiK (lik) wrote,

it has begun

Got hired for a contract job as a Junior Designer at a web place. I'm trying to get myself to work in the company's building instead of from home. I find it a hassle to try to tell them how long I worked since it'll be better to let them see me work there instead. (They're paying by the hour instead of per project.) I think it would be better to work using their computers and have coworkers to help me out if I need some advice too. They got me started on a Flash ad today. I can't believe how rusty I am with Flash. I had forgotten some of the basic functions. I was all slow trying to teach myself some of the functions all over again. It took me 3 hours just to make 2 small Flash ads. Ah well.

I still need a full time job tho so I can get benefits. Sigh.

On the leisure side:
Finished watching all 93 available episodes of One Piece. I love this anime! I hope the fansubbers release more soon because I can't get enough of it! It's a great series. I'll be watching the movies now.

Started watching Naruto. I think it's okay. It reminds me of Harry Potter for ninjas. The whole ninja school thing is pretty cool. The animation is superb but I found the pacing and editing to be horrible. The humor is off and the annoying flashbacks take up way too much time. They keep reshowing events that only happened one or two episodes ago. How annoying. I know they're trying to recap the previous events but they do it way too often. I'm in the middle of episode 40 something and I'm still not a fan yet. Some of the sparse action scenese are way cool tho.

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