LiK (lik) wrote,

at work and ranting

Work side:
Well, I'm supposed to do some ads with stock photography in the company's database but the server is down so I'll need to hunt down photos online without those lame watermarks. Sigh. My checks haven't arrived from the previous two weeks so my supervisor is gonna look into it. Those bastards better send me my money!

edit: Well, the woman in charge of finances came and handed me the checks personally. She explained that it takes 2-30 days (!) usually for each check to arrive. Wow, that's slow! Anyways, she looked annoyed. It was probably cuz I kept buggin my supervisor and she bugged her about it. Kinda funny but it's not my fault since I dunno how it worked here. Now I know. :P

Hobby side:
Updated my toy site with 4 new reviews. Check it out:
Designing characters for a comic that I'm collaborating on with my buddy Qiang. It's looking good. I just need to draw them more to get used to their look. I haven't drawn in a while and I'm rusty as shit.

Leisure Stuff:
BOF: Dragon Quarter - Dang, what a hard game. I really don't like the fact that you have to save with tokens. It's like Resident Evil with those stupid typewriter ink carts. If I could save anytime, I wouldn't need to restart or restore at all. The whole meter for turning into a dragon was lame too. Character designs for all the female characters are nice and very cute.

F-Zero GX - Another hard game. I'm still struggling with Novice The speed is insane.

Viewtiful Joe - Yes, another hard game again. It's tough but fun. I'm battling Episode 2's boss right now. Great graphics and I love the Slo-Mo effect. So cooooool...

I managed to order the last copy of Disgaea from a game site. I can't believe all the game stores around me sold out. I should've gotten it when I saw it a few weeks back but it wasn't on sale at all. I didn't know it was that popular and out of print. Why are tactical strategy games always so popular but yet their print run is so low?

I'll need to buy a new PS2 memory card soon. My current one is full even after I deleted a bunch of saves so I can use it to play The Sims for my sister. The Sims is a big fat memory hog. I can't believe the PS2 memory card still costs $24.99! I thought they would've lowered the price by now. Damn you Sony. This is why I love the Xbox's harddrive.

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