LiK (lik) wrote,

so far

saturday was the wedding. it was fun, lots of cool stories from the bridesmaids and groomsmen. funny thing was my cousin wallace got very drunk. he was supposed to drive but thankfully, i'm not a drinker. so i ended up driving one car back.

sunday was an okay day. we didn't do much. my cousin eileen and her new husband hong opened their wedding gifts and i went to their house to play some video games. i found out hong's a gamer too so it was good to have someone like that around. you couldn't tell he was because he's so buff. (pic soon) :P

monday, went to some park called "the forks". then off to the movies at night. we saw "bourne supremacy". it's excellent. better than the first one. then we went to some restaurant at night for pizza and pasta.

now we might be going to some zoo and something else later. i hope we get to play pool later.

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