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War3 single done

Ok, just beaten War3 single on normal. The last mission was pretty intense. Something I noticed about War3 is that Blizzard used some jokes that most people will know if they listened to the Howard Stern Show. For example, when the goblin blimp says "Wha-wha-what?" That's taken from the Howard Stern Show. Howard Stern uses that soundbyte quite frequently on his show. Some woman said that. There was also one in the ending credits in a caption in which Stern would make fun of a soundbyte Arnold Schwarzenegger did. =P Well, at least I know the guys at Blizzard like Howard Stern too.

btw, Howard Stern is a well-known radio-talk show host if you're unfamiliar with him. He's huge in the US and actually revolutionized the way people speak on radio these days. He started the whole fart joke trend with an unknown amount of imitators in this country. Great show.

Ok, I'll try multi later. ^^

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