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Catchin up

Well, I haven't been online for the past 2 days so I'm reading the LJ entries...

Rose finally meets Jules after so many phone and iparty conversations. It seems she's been over at Jules' place. Jules, don't forget to pack some JUST KIDDING! ^^;; Anyways, I'm glad for them. It was great to see their love blossom because I've known Rose and Jules before they even liked each other. Hm, yea, I think I known them longer than 2 years. Best wishes my friends. Rose, I told you not to worry. ;)

Phil's not gonna be online so I guess I won't see him until next month...

Sean's still working on school projects...

Gen had a fight but everything seems okay...

Rina is as busy as usual...

As for me, I finished The Longest Journey and it was such a GREAT game. The graphics were outdated and the fmvs were okay. But the story, dialogue and voice acting was incredible. It's the best voice acting I've ever heard. I loved the game so much I wrote an email to the creator. I hope he'll make a sequel because he said he might not because Funcom (publisher) sux. My cousin came over with my relatives yesterday. I played some Gran Turismo with him while my relatives helped my dad with the wood flooring for the stairs. I also spent some time reformatting the new hard drive and reinstalling on that instead of copying files over from the old drive. There's way too many errors on the old drive when the files are copied over to the new one. I hate HP. I really do.

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