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Man, my sleeping habits are messed up. I thought it was 8 am when I woke up. LoL. Anyways, had a fun conversation with Rose on iparty. Sean and SK were somewhat talkative but I couldn't understand Sean because of his accent. ^^;; It's been a while since I used iparty so it was kool.

I forgot, if you want to see my new AMV, just msg me when I'm on IRC or look at the folder "lik" in Jon's peorth server when he puts it there. It's in right now. The filename is "liveandletdie.avi". ^^

I've been really happy with the Capcom Designs Book. Sweet sweet art. I wish I bought the original artbook that was released a few years back. It had some art that's missing in this one. I wasn't so into video game art back then. Anyways, I wish I understood Japanese because I wanted to read the comments and designer interviews. I wonder if there's a translation. One of the best artbooks I have. =)

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