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Tuesday was an interesting day. I went with my folks to New York City for the day. It was a typical day. I got a bunch of those HK anime DVDs which are actually good. There were a few problems with them but I got them so I can make AMVs. My folks bought some tropical fish there because they were cheaper than the ones in Boston. It was pretty boring until we were going home. The bus got a flat tire in the middle of the highway. We were only 24 miles away from Boston. We spent an hour waiting for the other bus to pick us up. Afterwards, we got home.

Here were the DVDs I got: Studio Ghibli (excellent! 12 movies~), FLCL (good quality), Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OAV (shoddy English translation), Giant Robo (bad English translation once again), Digi Charat (video quality was bad. My fansubs on tape were better, sadly), Shusaku Replay (English is bad also but who cares)

In any case, I'm definitely gonna be buying more of these HK DVDs. Pretty cheap stuff. Why download fansubs when I can get these? Sure, some of their translations are pretty bad and there's no special features or surround sound. But at least I can watch the obscure anime I've been looking for on DVD finally. Great sources for AMVs too. But they won't be making me move away from the Region 1 DVDs anytime soon.

Time for bed.

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