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Some interesting things have been happening this week. Some people whom I haven't spoken to in a while suddenly popped back into my life.

Renee, a girl who I haven't spoken to since I went to college found my screenname in her old comp and messaged me yesterday. We used to chill a lot and I had a lot of fun at her place with all her wacky friends. It's pretty cool because she thinks of me like her big bro and we had a lot of things in common. This is especially true since I found out she's heavily into anime, web design and drawings now. Those were things she wasn't into back then. I'm gonna be collabing with her on a short story I asked her to come up with. I'll be doing the art and hopefully, I'll have something new to plug soon. ^^

Jason, a friend I knew since high school and in college but someone whom I haven't chilled with much messaged me about working on a video game. He's a real programming wiz and incredibly smart. He took engineering at BU which is one of the hardest subjects there. Anyways, he asked if I was willing to do the art and graphics for the game. I came up with a type of game and what the story would be (still a secret). It's not totally set in stone because we're still in the planning stages. This is all mainly for fun since we're both still looking for jobs. But we're pretty excited about it and if we come up with anything solid, Jason said we can try going pro. He'll be teaching me some things on C++ because I am hopelessly confused with anything that involves actual programming.

Rick, a guy I knew in high school suddenly emailed me today to hang out. I haven't talked to him since we graduated from high school. We only chilled a few times but he was a cool cat. I didn't even know it was him because I knew his Vietnemese name and not the English one he has now. Well, I emailed him back and he hasn't replied yet but I would like to see if he changed after 4 years.

Jack, a guy who I used to chill with a lot messaged me when I was playing CS one day. I don't really know why we stopped chilling but I guess I got sick of him after he irritated me to a point I didn't want to hang with him anymore. He just messaged me to let me know his CS name and such and that he wanted to play with me. Pretty random but I don't have any desire to talk to him right now.

Anyways, I think it's interesting that some of these folks I haven't talked to for so long suddenly contacted me again. I suck when it comes to keeping in touch with people and I really have no desire to try to keep track of people if I lose their whereabouts. Nonetheless, I hope more people I know from before college will message or email me. It'd be nice to see them again.

Damn, my sleeping habits have been fucked up this week due to CS and War3. I've been sleeping in the day and playing all night. I only sleep like 2 hours before I need to give my sis a ride to work every morning at 8. I gotta fix this or I'll look like a panda real soon. I kicked ass with Will and Rodz in War3 and I've been definitely kicking a lot of ass in CS with Rodz. Anyways, I'm too lazy to fix any typos in this entry today. Ja.

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