LiK (lik) wrote,

Got the PSP and a Story

Okay, I haven't opened my PSP yet. I gotta tell this story. So I went to my local Best Buy and checked the counter for the PSPs. But it turned out it was empty so I asked an employee there if they had any more. Well, the guy told me they had three full cases and I saw them there ripe for the picking. The funny thing was, Lumines was completely sold out at their place so I was stuck without a game.

On impulse, I bought the PSP and didn't look back. The guy did try to get me to buy one of those useless replacement plans by telling me the story of the dead-pixel problems but that didn't phase me. I will definitely get it replaced within 30 days if I saw any problems. I mean, I'm not that naive.

Anyways, I decided to go get Lumines at the local EBGames where there was some funny business going on. People who wanted to buy the PSP were told that they couldn't get it because you had to preorder it. That is, of course, totally untrue *coughBestBuycough* Some guys were pressured to get it right there if they didn't want to wait until next week. I thought this was weird since EBGames usually directs people to Best Buy for any games not in stock at their place. I guess they had to sell as many PSPs as possible. One REALLY funny thing was I saw a kid trade in his DS for the PSP, hehehe

So, I waited in line, got my Lumines and now I'm home. I hope my PSP doesn't have any problems. ^_^

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