LiK (lik) wrote,


well, had one interview with a creative temp place yesterday. i think i was overdressed. it was very short, lasting only 5 minutes. but hey, it's a temp place so i had to do was apply there. the app took longer than the actual interview. i hope i get a good job from them.

i had another interview with a small IT place today. it was raining hard. the guy was cool and he's also a graduate of BU. i think the interview went well until he tested me. i wasn't doing so hot since i wasn't used to the layout with the newer versions of the progs which probably killed my chances. the photoshop test was easy tho. but i'm not as confident once i was struggling with imageready and dreamweaver. i had forgotten some of the basic steps since i haven't really used some of those functions in a while. anyways, i'm not too concerned with this company. it was a relatively good interview, i was pretty relaxed through the whole thing. it lasted over an hour so that's good. once again, i feel i was overdressed.

whatever, i'll take either one as long as the pay is better than the current temp job i'm working at.

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